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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Product Review - SONY MDR-V600 Dynamic Stereo Headphones

Sound and Recording
B. Thomas Cooper

Product Review

SONY MDR-V600 Dynamic Stereo Headphones

This is a fine offering by Sony, a sturdy set of headphones, with firm, comfortable ear pieces and a warm, desirable frequency response. In simple words… a good investment for anyone looking for a reliable set of headphones.


I purchased my first pair of few years ago, and have really appreciated their durability and sound quality. After unconscionable abuse, the material on the ear pieces was beginning to wear thin, so I went in search of a new set, not really expecting to settle on another pair of Sony V600’s. However, once I’d listened to about two dozen different sets, I found myself eager to lay down the very reasonable ninety-nine dollar retail price. I suppose I could have saved myself some time and money by ordering the MDR-V600’s online, but hey, it was well worth getting out there and hearing for myself what was available. The result is that I now own two pair of MDR-V600‘s. I rate the product very highly.

Driver (40mm Aura-Normic Designed Driver)
Impedance (45ohms)
Frequency Response (5Hz to 30,000Hz)
Rated Power (500mW) *1/2 watt*
Max Power (1,000mW) *1 watt* (not recommended)
Cord Length (9.8 feet)




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